The Rundown Locker Room

It's 60 minutes before the final game of the season. The opposing team don't reacon much on their chances of beating you with the season you've had. So they took it into their own hands before the match to lock you in your locker room, in the hope that you'll miss the start and have to forfiet. So with 60 minutes before that starting airhorn, can you and your team break the codes and find the clues to make it to the finals?



You have just one hour before the undertaker returns and you end up being his next money maker. Solve the puzzles and discover the previous victims, before that door opens and he's standing right there!!


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We are located at:

Randoms Escape Rooms

East Grinstead Sports Club

St Hill Road

East Grinstead

West Sussex

RH19 4JU  



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